September 24, 2012

I didn’t realize Rebecca, from that epic battle for a writing position at Gun Nuts is the wife (and maybe part owner?) of the owner of PHLster. I feel like an idiot now. I honestly liked Rebecca’s post the best. I realized who Rebecca was this past weekend I got the pleasure to finally meet Jon and Rebecca from PHLster at a gun show. It sounds creepy but I saw on Facebook they were going to this gun show near me so I thought I might as well go check out the show and maybe meet them. I hung out with the two of them at their booth for a couple hours and chatted it up (sorry you two had to put up with me haha). What great people first off. Not sure that I can really put to words what great people these two are. First off they asked me to take a seat with them and hang out. I’m just some random kid that just drove a couple hours to basically meet them and check out a gun show. It’s funny how small this world is with the internet. We all knew the same people even though the people we were talking to are thousands of miles away. Like Rebecca said, you kind of feel like you know them though.

While I was at the gun show I picked up one of their single mag carriers with their new directional snaps. Oh and Jon just gave me a new strap for my Skeleton holster. Thanks again! Those new directional snaps they are putting on their holsters are phenomenal. I really wasn’t impressed with the first snap I got on that holster so they sent out new ones. I liked those snaps but now they are shipping them with an even better snap that are directional. You have to snap and unsnap them in a certain direction. This helps secure the holster to your belt.

Going back to my statement from last post. The one about me not thinking that this blog could do so much for me. A coworker of mine, who had a large role in the hiring of me, told me the other day that one of the main reasons he let me in was because he read my blog. That really impressed me. Man am I glad I kept writing this. I remember at one point I was questioning whether or not I should continue writing. When you get about 5 views a week it becomes kind of depressing. But I guess he was one of the 5 views for one of those weeks. A lot has changed since the beginning of this. For example just yesterday I got just a smidgen over 130 views in one day. But I think that was a fluke.

I shot the PX4 in 40 S&W a while back and really was not impressed. I was at a range with my brother, shooting his Glock 34, when a guy in the booth next to us asked to shoot Simon’s 34 and told us to shoot his PX4. Honestly,  literally the only thing I enjoy about ranges with friendly people is the fact that you can just randomly ask the a person if you can shoot their guns. I also enjoy when new shooters are at the range and are trying to figure out what pistol they should buy. How great is it to be able to shoot all different handguns and hear reviews from the owners of the pistols? I really think that’s the only good thing about private ranges. I’ve really never walked out of a range completely 100% satisfied like I do when I walk away from my range on the farm.

For concealing four PMAGs…Cause you know, THAT’S an everyday occurrence.

Here’s my brother’s M&P 9. He’s done all that Apex trigger jazz, 10-8 sights and some sand paper grip. I personally think there’s too much sand paper but he likes it. I’m sure you all have heard the people doing cartwheels over the Apex trigger job so I don’t really need to beat that subject to death. Plain and simple, it’s a dream. If you’ve got an M&P with the stock trigger you are nuts. Just buy the Apex Duty Carry kit. Done, that’s it.

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