March 20, 2012

So a bought a couple of ZebraF-402 pens when I was at Walmart yesterday. The packaging said they have a stainless steel tube on them. I thought oh that’s pretty cool, looks nice. Then I was in class field stripping it, just like I do with every single pen I use when I’m bored in class, and thought wow this seems to be pretty durable and may be useful in a self defense situation. I’d like to take a self defense class sometime. I feel like I’d be more likely to use those skills that advanced carbine course skills. I want to be able to not have to carry a knife and be able to use my own body to protect myself or a pen or whatever I have on me. It sounds like I won’t be carrying a handgun everywhere if I’m out of the workplace so I need to learn how to defend myself and people near me if I need to.

Here’s a really helpful video on how to put together a lower parts kit. I too wish this was around when I put my AR together. Hopefully the page will load for you, I couldn’t get it to load outside my Google Reader. It’s on the ARmory Blog if you cant get it to load.

If you’ve never heard of Tactical Operations then go check out their rifles now. A friend of mine has the Tango Series and says it is a dream. It’s a bit expensive for my uses but then again he is one of the best shooters I probably personally know. Oh, and he has got one of these custom built AR’s from 556 Tactical. Spoiled. Hopefully this summer I’ll get an opportunity to shoot with him.

This is kind of off topic but if you like chips and salsa you should try Jack’s Special Salsa. It looks like it is sold in Walmart but I got mine in Wegmans. You’ll like it.

This is another one of my dream houses.

2 responses to “March 20, 2012

  1. Hey Jesse,
    If you want a pen that will last you the rest of your life you should check out the CountyComm Embassy pen. I have a titanium one and it’s awesome.

    On another note, I find your “live in a cabin in the woods” plan interesting. I wouldn’t mind that either as long as there was internet access. The downside is finding a girl that would be down with that plan is probably going to be difficult.😛

    On yet another note, I had to jump through too many hoops to comment here. It wanted me to “log in” if If I used my regular account, so I just put in a fake email address.

  2. I like that pen but I’m not a fan of the price. I think what I’m looking for is a pen that can be used for self defense but isn’t obvious to NYPD that it is for self defense. They would probably take that pen.

    My brother and I really want to build a cabin to stay in on weekends and possibly in the future. Also when we have a bunch of hunting buddies over during deer season we would stay in it. We both really want to go back to basics. My brother really wants internet and electricity. He told me he’d rather have electricity than running water. Crazy. I personally would like to live off the woods by catching and hunting my own food.

    My brother just posted a comment on my blog by logging into his facebook account and it worked fine. I don’t know what to do.

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