September 28, 2012

My blog has now officially moved to!

So change your Google Reader link if you use Google Reader. I’ll keep updates going if anything changes. Trying to make the site a little better for you. Hopefully you keep reading. Feel free as always to make suggestions for changes.

September 26, 2012

You know the kind of people that do things at the spur of the moment? That’s the kind of person my dad is with some things. For example, he saw a house for sale on a real estate website on a Saturday night and two days later, the first chance he could get to see it, he went and got a tour of the property from the listing agent. And in 3 days he has already seen the place 3 times. And he tells me he wants to buy the place. For some reason I like it when people do spur of the moment kinds of things. How does this relate to firearms? It doesn’t, sorry. I’m just amused when he does these kinds of things.

And back to guns…

A nice little full auto M4:

My toes in the picture are an added bonus.

Hey Shelley, could I have one issue of Western Shooting Journal to see if I want to subscribe?

I really like these STI 1911’s. One main reason is that they have 9mm compact 1911’s but that price! That’ll be placed on the back burner.

People in NYC are paranoid about guns. I love people’s faces when I tell them I work on guns. I’ll be sitting in the library at my college, surfing through Sturmgewehr and the person next to me will just be sitting there staring at my computer and me. What’s the big deal!

I really hate coming back to this topic so I’ll keep it brief. I got a chance to flip through RECOIL magazine while getting dinner with some people from work. What a great looking magazine. I’m not kidding. And the articles, besides the obvious one, are well written. And the photography is outstanding. I guess I’m happy an anti-gunner is gone from the magazine but I kind of feel bad for Jerry Tsai, please don’t hate me for saying this. As I said before, I think you should be able to write what you want. I guess he was able to but there were major consequences. But that’s how it always is in this country. Unless it truly puts national security at risk. Everything was great in Jerry’s article EXCEPT that one paragraph. Jerry screwed up. A big screw up mind you.

So true!

September 24, 2012

I didn’t realize Rebecca, from that epic battle for a writing position at Gun Nuts is the wife (and maybe part owner?) of the owner of PHLster. I feel like an idiot now. I honestly liked Rebecca’s post the best. I realized who Rebecca was this past weekend I got the pleasure to finally meet Jon and Rebecca from PHLster at a gun show. It sounds creepy but I saw on Facebook they were going to this gun show near me so I thought I might as well go check out the show and maybe meet them. I hung out with the two of them at their booth for a couple hours and chatted it up (sorry you two had to put up with me haha). What great people first off. Not sure that I can really put to words what great people these two are. First off they asked me to take a seat with them and hang out. I’m just some random kid that just drove a couple hours to basically meet them and check out a gun show. It’s funny how small this world is with the internet. We all knew the same people even though the people we were talking to are thousands of miles away. Like Rebecca said, you kind of feel like you know them though.

While I was at the gun show I picked up one of their single mag carriers with their new directional snaps. Oh and Jon just gave me a new strap for my Skeleton holster. Thanks again! Those new directional snaps they are putting on their holsters are phenomenal. I really wasn’t impressed with the first snap I got on that holster so they sent out new ones. I liked those snaps but now they are shipping them with an even better snap that are directional. You have to snap and unsnap them in a certain direction. This helps secure the holster to your belt.

Going back to my statement from last post. The one about me not thinking that this blog could do so much for me. A coworker of mine, who had a large role in the hiring of me, told me the other day that one of the main reasons he let me in was because he read my blog. That really impressed me. Man am I glad I kept writing this. I remember at one point I was questioning whether or not I should continue writing. When you get about 5 views a week it becomes kind of depressing. But I guess he was one of the 5 views for one of those weeks. A lot has changed since the beginning of this. For example just yesterday I got just a smidgen over 130 views in one day. But I think that was a fluke.

I shot the PX4 in 40 S&W a while back and really was not impressed. I was at a range with my brother, shooting his Glock 34, when a guy in the booth next to us asked to shoot Simon’s 34 and told us to shoot his PX4. Honestly,  literally the only thing I enjoy about ranges with friendly people is the fact that you can just randomly ask the a person if you can shoot their guns. I also enjoy when new shooters are at the range and are trying to figure out what pistol they should buy. How great is it to be able to shoot all different handguns and hear reviews from the owners of the pistols? I really think that’s the only good thing about private ranges. I’ve really never walked out of a range completely 100% satisfied like I do when I walk away from my range on the farm.

For concealing four PMAGs…Cause you know, THAT’S an everyday occurrence.

Here’s my brother’s M&P 9. He’s done all that Apex trigger jazz, 10-8 sights and some sand paper grip. I personally think there’s too much sand paper but he likes it. I’m sure you all have heard the people doing cartwheels over the Apex trigger job so I don’t really need to beat that subject to death. Plain and simple, it’s a dream. If you’ve got an M&P with the stock trigger you are nuts. Just buy the Apex Duty Carry kit. Done, that’s it.

September 23, 2012

I really would like to start testing the legitimacy and practicality of hunting with an old battle rifle like a Nagant or 98k. Ya I know they are heavy rifles but I think it’d be cool to hunt with an antique rifle. I’m sure by the second day of lugging an old rifle around I’ll be ready to switch back to my modern guns.

Try not to drool too much like I did all day:

I’m beginning to like Gunway. If you join, follow me.

My new favorite gun? Browning M1917! Dear lord almighty. I love my work. Shooting it Tuesday probably.


Reading this post on ENDO reminded me of something. I’ve been next to someone that shot a shotgun slug through a car door from about a foot away and it blazed through the jeep door and seats were butter. That was a slug I know but I would think bird shot would do similar things at those close of a range. Car doors are very very thin.

I never thought this blog could do so much for me.

Laser engraved aluminum rail panels…some of the “designs” are ridiculous. A pole dancer. Really? Who in their right mind would put any of those on their rifle?

I wonder how many people look at this actual site and not just through something like Google Reader. I’m hoping to give this blog somewhat of an overhaul. Looks boring and I think I could make it look a little nicer and more appealing to viewers.

September 17, 2012

I want to comment on James’ comment from my previous post. So are you saying anti-2A people aren’t entitled to their opinions? As much as I disagree with their views on firearms, we must respect them. After all, we do have to live with them in this world. Plain and simple, don’t buy that magazine. I’m done with this madness. Everyone will forget about it in a month. On to better and more important things ha.

A friend of mine and I set up tree stands in one of our woods this past weekend (Casey tagged along too).

My brother and I sighted in our guns for deer season. We forgot how bad 12 gauge slugs are on your shoulder. It never hurts when there’s a deer in the sights though ha. I shot quarter size groups with my Ruger Gunsite at 100 yards. Best groups I’ve shot with it with cheap Remington Core-Lokt ammo. And I’m not the greatest shooter in the world either. Hopefully I’ll get a deer with it during regular deer season. I’ve already shot one at night with our nuisance deer permits and the deer ran about 20 yards. Not sure if 308 is too much. If .308 is too much then 300 grain 12 gauge sabot slugs are WAY too much.

Remember that review I talked about? It’ll be here in a couple weeks. Sorry.

September 13, 2012

I’ll admit, the end of this video did make me laugh. So true too.

Ok, maybe I will voice my opinion on this whole RECOIL shenanigans. Why can’t we just respect people’s opinions. It reminds me of the egotistic gun shop employee that think he knows everything and you can never be right. So what if the editor thinks citizens shouldn’t have MP7’s? Let him think that but I’m not going to buy his magazine. I think as a community we need to respect each other a little more. No wonder people hate us. Someone says something most of us don’t agree with so we basically shun him from the community. Everyone is doing their best to gain supporters and then we all have a hemorrhage over this comment one editor made. Course I don’t agree with what he said but let the guy have an opinion. Can’t we treat it like one would treat a blog? If you don’t like their opinion don’t read the thing. I wish Jerry Tsai the best.

September 11, 2012

These over under combo guns are getting old. The market for youth guns is getting more and more creative as the minutes pass. The Savage Model 42 doesn’t even look that nice nor does the pricing.

RECOIL magazine definitely went full retard on that statement. There is enough out there already about this subject so I won’t say anything more.

I wish I was featured on haha. Another goal of mine.

Went and saw Divine Fits the other night, what a great show:

Not much to report today. A review is due next week on the coolest little toy.

Here’s a nice photo Simon took for me. Check out his damn website would ya.